Benefits of joining a producer compliance scheme

Producers face new logistical, technical and administrative tasks. These tasks require specialised knowledge and human as well as financial resources. Probably the most efficient solution is to commission an experienced, external service provider who takes care of all tasks. Take-back of electrical and electronic equipment involves far more than just logistics and recycling.

Producer compliance schemes take care of the overall practical implementation of the take-back obligation and requirement of compliance. They offer a simple, comprehensive and cost-effective approach. They organise the collection and processing of WEEE in accordance with legal provisions, they provide information to all stakeholders and reporting to all actors involved in the implementation of the legislation, and they monitor results set down in the legislation.

To accomplish this, they collaborate with certified companies. For consumer products collection is done in close collaboration with retailers and municipalities. Special receptacles for WEEE are available to the public at collection facilities. For business products the scheme controls collection of WEEE to ensure that producers only pay for waste related to their supply of new products.

In addition, the producer compliance schemes inform and educate consumers, and support the governments in monitoring the results. It is also charged with providing the public with information on the prevention efforts being made by its clients, the manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic appliances. Dialogue, efficiency, transparency and professionalism are among their core values.