The WEEE Forum coaches newly established WEEE compliance schemes interested in joining the WEEE Forum. Coaching can take on many forms: project coaching, operational coaching and strategic coaching.

  • Project coaching involves a professional of the WEEE Forum explaining in more detail the background and objectives of on-going projects of the WEEE Forum, for example Key Figures, or reporting or treatment results.
  • Operational coaching is coaching tailor-made and upon request of a newly established compliance scheme. Depending on their specific needs, support is provided in areas such as IT, logistics, communication, operations and finance.
  • Strategic coaching. Thinking ahead about the role of WEEE systems in the future is easier if you are surrounded by peers. The WEEE Forum provides for regular sessions, workshops and conferences. Once an organisation becomes a member of the WEEE Forum, its representatives are invited to participate at such meetings where reflection occurs.