In April 2002, El-Kretsen (Sweden), Hvitevareretur (Norway), Elektronikretur (Norway), Recupel (Belgium), Wecycle (formerly known as Foundation NVMP) (the Netherlands) and UFH (Austria) founded the WEEE Forum. Today, the WEEE Forum counts 36 WEEE producer responsibility organisations. All organisations are open, non-profit oriented WEEE compliance schemes run on behalf of producers or producer associations. The new European association allowed the compliance schemes to share best practices and to learn from one another.

All member organisations share the vision that the WEEE Forum should be a 'centre of excellence' for environmentally sound and efficient solutions for electronic waste collection and processing. Seeking a harmonised European approach is the WEEE Forum's trademark. For example, the WEEE Forum has developed high-quality, pan-European standards for the collection, handling, storage, transport, preparation for re-use, processing and disposal of WEEE and harmonised conformity verification guidelines (WEEELABEX).

Another example is WF-RepTool, a web-based software platform that allows the member organisations' treatment partners to report their recycling and recovery quotas. The tool is now available for recyclers directly. The Key Figures tool allows systems to benchmark their operations.

The WEEE Forum is a vibrant community of producer responsibility organisations that are committed to taking on the challenge of electrical and electronic waste.