International E-waste Day







We are pleased to announce that the very first International E-waste Day will be held this year! This exciting initiative will take place on the 13 October 2018 in Europe and globally thanks to extensive collaboration between the WEEE Forum and its members. International E-waste Day will focus on raising awareness on e-waste issues and e-waste collection and recycling. It is anticipated that events will include school campaigns, online education tools, promotional leaflets and other materials as well as more general awareness raising campaigns. 

Geographical coverage of the initiative.

Planned activities' overview:

ANZRP Australia  * general communication activities
Recupel Belgium

* Game for secondary schools focusing on Circular Economy: Raw material hunt: The mission is to sell as much electrical appliances as possible in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Raw material hunt is a playful way to experience in class that it is possible to continue producing electrical equipment, without disadvantages for the planet and the population. Moreover students pick up a lot of relevant and scientific information along the way.

* in cooperation with GoodPlanet

EPRA Canada * general communication activities
Elektrowin Czech Republic More information to follow
EES Ringlus Estonia

* Annual awareness campaign about E-waste in partnership with the website https://kuhuviia.ee/en

* social media campaign about collecting WEEE.

IRF Iceland More information to follow
WEEE Ireland Ireland More information to follow
Ecodom Italy More information to follow
Re.media Italy More information to follow
EGIO Lithuania

*Photo contest in the frame of the educational project, ‘Mes rūšiuojam (We recycle), involving more than 2220 institutions, called ‘Exposure from Electronics Waste’

*Communication activities in the national media, radio and TV

WEEE Malta Malta  More information to follow
Wecycle Netherlands More information to follow
Norsirk Norway

* Focus on the dealers and information to shop employees about the producer responsibility system: awareness campaign towards members with shops about their responsibility to accept returns of WEEE and proper sorting and storage.

* Information for consumers about the take back solution

* In collaboration with Norwegian Environment Agency who will issue information materials, posters and fact sheets and newspaper articles about EPR and its effects. 

ElektroEko Poland

* Information campaigns and collections in more than 3000 schools
* dedicated website: www.dzienbezelektrosmieci.pl
* Social media campaigns
* pocket guide on WEEE recycling
* activities coorganised with UNEP/GRID
* collection campaigns in Warsaw including give-aways for participants disposing WEEE 

ECOTIC Romania More information to follow
Environ Romania More information to follow
RoRec Romania More information to follow
ZEOS Slovenia

* Between 8-24 October 2018 a local campaign on the proper handling of electrical and electronic equipment focused on:
a) collecting of electrical and electronic equipment (1-2 kg / inhabitant)
b) accompanying informative-awareness events (at least 6)

* involved shareholders: local public waste management services, municipalities, e-waste collectors, local media, schools (15-20 schools or 10.000 children), NGOs, households (40.000).

Ecotic Spain More information to follow
REPIC United Kingdom * general communication activities