The mission of the WEEE Forum is to:

  • Deal with matters arising from European legislation concerning WEEE;
  • Optimise the operational efficiency of the members while striving for continuous improvement of their environmental performance;
  • Promote exchange of know-how and best practice;
  • Develop standards and technical specifications to fulfil producer responsibility on behalf of producers;
  • Strive towards harmonisation of procedures in regard to members and associated members or other structures that assume responsibility of producers for the management of WEEE.

The main activities that the association intends to pursue in order to achieve these objectives are to:

  • Collect, exchange and compare all information from its members, within the limits authorised by the relevant legislation, in order to contribute to an efficient organisation of their operations ;
  • Liaise with and provide to all parties concerned, including European and international institutions, with all pertinent information to promote the interests of its full members;
  • Organise and participate in events and projects, for the exchange of information and experiences;
  • Help members and potential members, upon request, with the planning, creation, implementation and management of their projects in the field of WEEE;
  • Publish and disseminate codes of practice and provide support services to its members.

Membership is not restricted to organisations with operations in Europe.