Electrocyclosis Cyprus joins the WEEE Forum

WEEE Electrocyclosis Cyprus, the Collective Compliance System for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Cyprus, signed today an agreement to join the WEEE Forum, the Umbrella Organization for Collective Compliance Systems for WEEE. Specifically, on 22-23 June, WEEE Forum Secretary General Pascal Leroy and the Technical Director of the Organization, Ms Lucia Herreras-Martínez, are in Cyprus for signing the agreement.

The WEEE Forum has as members 32 nonprofit Collective Compliance Systems all around the world. The mission of WEEE Forum is to support its members in achieving the targets for collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment provided by legislation, as well as in establishing effective management and reporting procedures for the collected quantities. More information for the WEEE Forum can be found at www.weee-forum.org.

Electrocyclosis Cyprus believes that the know-how and experience that will be gained through the WEEE Forum and its members will make a significant contribution both to the improvement of Electrocyclosis existing procedures and to the increase of its collection and recycling rates. The improvement of Electrocyclosis will also help Cyprus to achieve its national targets. We are confident that this cooperation will deliver the expected results and the two parties will benefit the most.