EPR and the Impact of Online Sales workshop, 13 September 2017, Brussels

Why join this event?

Internet sales are a potential source of deliberate as well as unintentional free-riding. For example, many e-sales platforms and businesses fail to register with producer responsibility organisations in OECD/EU member states even though they are acting as distant sellers. They do not have a warehouse in the markets where the products are sold or distributed, and so getting hold of the responsible person and enforcing the extended producer responsibility obligations can be challenging, to put it mildly. Some businesses are reportedly exploiting flaws in the member states legislation. Sadly, the problem is getting worse. The volume of direct sales to households and businesses from overseas, i.e. not going via a national importer/distributor, as a share of the whole market is going up. And no-one knows exactly what’s going on and how to remedy the situation.

The OECD is conducting research on the matter.

In order to anticipate the OECD report and better understand the issues related to EPR and the impact of online sales, a number of informal meetings and conference calls have taken place. This event is an opportunity to collect data and intelligence, identify good practices and learn from each other.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at individuals who are involved in e-commerce sales in the sector of electrical and electronic equipment:

• Producers
• Producer associations
• Producer responsibility organisations
• E-sales platforms
• Policymakers
• Enforcement agencies
• Customs
• Registers
• Retailers

Members of WEEE Forum and EucoLight, and companies affiliated with members of WEEE Forum and EucoLight, will be granted free access to the event.
For the non-members of WEEE Forum and EucoLight, and for those organisations not member of members of WEEE Forum and EucoLight, a €200 participation fee for the event will be charged while registering to the event. Please, be advised that these tickets will not be refunded in case of cancellation. Nevertheless, we will accept replacements in case an attendee is not able to be present at the event.

Who has been invited to speak?

• European Commission
• Amb3E, WEEE Forum
• Dell
• Recolight, EucoLight
• EPA Ireland
• Ecommerce Europe
• Recupel
• SENS eRecycling
• European WEEE Registers Network
• European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association, EMOTA
• WEEE Forum
• EucoLight


You can register here