LibraWEEE opening!

The LibraWEEE is an inventory of worldwide waste/WEEE related research, studies and initiatives that focus on understanding the dynamics of the WEEE industry, illegal flows of WEEE, and also the actors concerned with the fight against organised crime. Currently it holds more than one hundred items. The LibraWEEE will be updated throughout the lifetime of the CWIT project.

The inventory is a significant resource and an opportunity to use information that has been compiled in previous projects for the benefit of the CWIT project but also for other projects related to WEEE. The inventory is structured to be easily searched by geographic region and title, in addition, each resource contains a summary, providing users with a brief overview of its relevance to their particular interest. This makes the LibraWEEE a very useful and easy to use tool for researchers and practitioners/stakeholders.

A set of documents that will support the activity of enforcement agencies and policy makers is part of the LibraWEEE, such as guidelines on inspection activities, WEEE Directive interpretation guidelines and codes of good practice for exports and re-use activities. Previous surveys with stakeholders have proved that the sharing of these documents will help the practical implementation of the national legislation in force and the preparation of protocols on exports and inspections based on wider experience.

Interested parties are invited to request the inclusion of other reports and initiatives in the LibraWEEE, hence it constitutes a database for sharing knowledge for policy makers, enforcement agencies and the wider WEEE community. Please contact us at info@cwitproject.eu 

You can access LibraWEEE here.