Romanian children learn about WEEE collection

The ECOTIC Caravan, an itinerary exhibition of WEEE, reached more than 150,000 Romanians to date.

Started in November 2014, the ECOTIC Caravan is one of the most extensive awareness projects ever implemented in Romania, with the objective of informing and educating as many children and adults as possible on correct WEEE collection. The project was co-funded through EU’s Life+ Program.

ECOTIC’s Caravan, an exhibition of WEEE, that went all across Romania was stationed in places like schools and public squares in towns of all sizes. The Caravan was set up to contain two major campaigns: one targeting children, as representatives of the next generation – called “The Eco Days in Your School”, and one targeting the general public, called “The Recycling Days in Your City”.

Over 200 schools hosted the Caravan and its expert crew, teaching over 85,000 children on the dangers of bad habit disposal of waste, on the value of waste and why it is so important to collect it properly. ECOTIC even created a fictional character, the Ecoterrian – a green and fluffy, kind, loving creature of Mother Earth who depends on our good deeds to survive.

“The Recycling Days in Your City” campaign reached 30 cities in Romania and the Caravan was stationed in the most trafficked public squares. The aim of the campaign was to attract people to actually look, maybe for the first time in their lives at dismantled equipment and see what exactly makes a piece of waste such a danger for the environment, if it ends up in the fields, and what makes it a valuable resource for the economy, if collected and recycled properly.