WEEE Compliance Promotion Exercise

Below you will find WEEE Forum response to the invitation to provide remarks on the recommendations arising from the WEEE Compliance Promotion Exercise.

Main message:

► Most recommendations for discussion at the final workshop will be conducive to improving the situation of compliance with the Directive. Especially when it comes to ensuring a level playing field for treatment of WEEE we are strongly of the opinion that mandatory conformity, through an Implementing Act, with the EU wide specifications as laid down in EN 50625 standards is of primary importance. The market will remain uneven unless Member States or the EU make conformity with these standards legally binding. CECED, DIGITALEUROPE, EERA and the WEEE Forum, as well as other parties, have repeatedly spoken out in favour of that policy. Click here for more information.

Other messages:

► Require market actors to hand over WEEE to WEEELABEX certified plants.
► Ensure online sellers take on duties of producers.
► Ensure all operators that handle WEEE have equal reporting obligations.
► Ban cash transactions for WEEE.
► Define ownership of WEEE adequately.
► Encourage a dialogue between producers and recyclers around EEE composition.
► Launch campaigns targeting illegal and sub-optimal treatment operations.