WEEE Forum response to the stakeholder consultation paper on the chemical, product and waste interface

WEEE Forum has lodged with the European Commission services a response to the EU stakeholder consultation on the chemical, product and waste interface.

The main message of the issue paper is the following: “More plastics and more different types of plastics are used in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). WEEE plastics management gives rise to not only compliance issues but also to environmental, health and safety issues that directly affect citizens. EU waste, chemicals and product legislation must be harmonised, we must collectively agree what the recycling, recovery and disposal solutions for WEEE plastics are and we must enforce legislation. The alignment of regulations needs to provide the opportunity to the recycling industry to close the loop with post-consumer plastic from WEEE.”

Please see the issue paper below.

For any questions, please liaise with Lucía Herreras.