WEEE Islands Summit, 12 October 2018, Malta

The WEEE Forum is an international association of WEEE compliance schemes. Our mission is to help WEEE schemes succeed operationally, take back and report e-waste efficiently and promote circular economy. Schemes operating on islands face specific issues associated with their particular situation (lack of economies of scale, lack of available insfrastructure in situ etc.). For this reason, we take pleasure in informing you that we are organising a seminar on the challenges of collecting and final recycling of WEEE on small islands. Some of the topics for discussion will be:

  • Specifics of WEEE management in islands,
  • Particular challenges of WEEE management and financing,
  • Best practices of WEEE treatment in islands (is exporting the best option?),
  • Improvement proposals

WEEE Malta, one of the WEEE Forum members based in Malta, will kindly host the event. The seminar is going to take place on 12 October 2018, on the eve of the 1st International E-Waste Day on the beautiful Island of Malta (venue: The Veranda, Giardini Lambrosa, Rabat).

You will find more information and the registration here