Reporting of WEEE treatment results

At the start of the WEEE Forum, a group of professionals determined results regarding 'de-pollution' and 'recycling and recovery quotas' by examining the treatment results of 2002. Clearly, a common data structure and calculation model for results was required. Subsequently, they created a common reporting system for treatment results. The end-result was a ‘WEEE Forum reporting tool’ (WF-RepTool), the structure of which consists of background data including, but not limited to the following:

  • Common lists of names for input and output fractions – based on the European Waste Catalogue
  • A common list of names for the technologies used
  • A model classification for different input fractions to different final processes (rulings of the European Court of Justice were identified for this classification)
  • A model for the calculation of 'shares' for the reuse of components or WEEE, material recycling, energy recovery and disposal, which are the basis to calculate recycling & recovery quotas

The key feature of this calculation model is that only final fractions, which are the result of different steps of separation and which are input into the final process, can be used for classification regarding material recycling, energy recovery, thermal disposal, landfill disposal and preparation for re-use. WF-RepTool allows the user to document treatment results and downstream monitoring of fractions, and to calculate recycling and recovery rates in accordance with the WEEELABEX standards.

The latest novelty is the creation of a WF-RepTool website and an IT platform that allows compliance schemes’ suppliers, such as recyclers and pre-processors, to report their recovery and recycling quotas. You can view a demo version of the software. See also the press release.