The WEEE Forum General Assembly is composed of representatives of all member organisations. Each member has one vote. The General Assembly meets at least once a year.

Members of the General Assembly:

1. Pedro Nazareth, Amb3E
2. Marios Intzeler, Appliances Recycling
3. Jan Vrba, ASEKOL
4. Carmel Dollisson, ANZRP
5. Josef Tapper, Recipo
6. Valentin Negoita, Eco Tic
7. Giorgio Arienti, ECODOM
8. Christian Brabant, Eco-systèmes
9. Andreu Vilà, ECOTIC
10. Margus Vetsa, EES-Ringlus
11. Alfredas Skinulis, EGIO
12. Grzegorz Skrzypczak, ElektroEko
13. Roman Tvrzník, Elektrowin
14. Martin Seeger, El-Kretsen
15. Peer Lund-Thomsen, elretur
16. Stig Ervik, Norsirk 
17. Andrei Orban, Environ
18. Pakis Sotiropoulos, Fotokiklosi
19. Danilo Bonato, Re.Media
20. Peter Sabbe, RECUPEL
21. Bjørn Arild Thon, RENAS 
22. Mark Burrows-Smith, REPIC
23. Jaroslav Vladik, Retela
24. Liviu Popeneciu, RoRec
25. Heidi Luck, SENS
26. Jean-Marc Hensch, SWICO
27. Marion Mitsch, UFH
28. Jan Vlak, Wecycle
29. Leo Donovan, WEEE Ireland
30. Joe Attard, WEEE Malta 
31. Emil Šehič, ZEOS

The Directors in the Board are elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years. The Board meets at least two times a year.
The General Assembly elects a Chairman of the Board from among its members. The newly elected Directors in the Board appoint a Vice Chairman, a statutory Secretary and a Treasurer.

The Board, elected on 15 April 2016, is composed of:

• Jan Vlak, Chairman
• Philip Morton
• Valentin Negoita
• Giorgio Arienti
• Pedro Nazareth
• Peter Sabbe

The Board has delegated the daily management of the organisation to Pascal Leroy, Secretary General.

The Board of Directors at 5th International WEEE Forum Conference, 26-27 April 2017, Malta.