Sharing success and best practice in WEEE collection

The WEEE Forum represents a range of business models across the world and years of experience and knowledge. Our ambition is to spread globally what we’ve already achieved in Europe, to be a source of inspiration and ideas, and to remain a pioneer in our field of work.


Putting in practice the principles on which the WEEE Forum was founded, we are, together with our members, developing a platform that will allow members to exchange information on best collection practices. Information about innovative policies, waste containers or successful collection campaigns will populate this tool that will support and improve management practices of our members. 

All members aim at the continuous improvement of WEEE collection practices, focusing on collecting more and better quality WEEE. Collection targets and complementary flows appear frequently in the list of the main challenges PROs face on a daily basis.  

The tool will be developed during 2019 and available in pilot format by the end of the year.