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Since January 2018, ESR combines the activities of Eco-systèmes for household WEEE and Récylum for lighting equipment, professional WEEE and small fire extinguishers. ESR therefore benefits from the decade-long expertise of Eco-systèmes and Récylum in the WEEE sector.

Inside ESR:

  • Eco-systèmes coordinates the collection, the depollution and the recycling of household WEEE.
    Récylum coordinates the collection, the depollution and the recycling of professional WEEE, lighting equipment and small fire extinguishers.
  • ESR is a non-profit organisation accredited by the French Authorities. In accordance with French and European regulations, ESR carries out a mission of public interest, i.e. the deployment throughout France of a system for collection, depollution and recycling of household and professional WEEE, lighting equipment and small fire extinguishers.

Collection System

Eco-systèmes and Récylum have set services to collect WEEE among different channels:

  • Retailers,
  • Municipalities,
  • Social economy,
  • Waste management companies (scrap dealers, car shredder operators, recycling companies…),
  • Professional users of professional EEE.


In 2018, ESR had 4,532 producer members:

  •  2,096 for household WEEE,
  • 1,585 for professional WEEE,
  • 829 for lighting equipment,
  • 22 for small fire extinguishers.

Categories covered

LHHAfully covered
SHHAfully covered
IT&Tfully covered
CEfully covered
Lightingfully covered
Toolsfully covered
Toys/Leisure/Sportsfully covered
Medicalfully covered
M&Cfully covered
Autom. Disp.fully covered





System Manager:

Christian Brabant


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