Quantification of CO2-eq emissions

The quantification of the CO2-eq emissions avoided and energy savings resulting from the work of WEEE Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) is often used as an indicator of their environmental benefits. 

Developed by the WEEE Forum Working Group CO2 and validated by PRé, a world leader in the development of sustainability metrics based on life cycle thinking, the purpose of the CO2-eq calculation tool is to provide WEEE Forum members with a common methodology to calculate the environmental benefit of management of WEEE by their systems, expressed as avoided emissions of CO2-eq and energy savings.

The tool:

  • evaluates the benefit of the activities of PROs;
  • allows WEEE Forum members to review their own methodology by drawing comparisons with this newly developed methodology;
  • provides PROs with an estimated value of the benefit of recycling WEEE that can be used for communication purposes (tonnes of CO2-eq emissions saved per tonne of WEEE treated).
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The tool is available for WEEE Forum members only.