Quantification of CO2-eq emissions

The quantification of the CO2-eq emissions avoided and energy savings due to the role of WEEE Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) is often used as an indicator of their environmental benefits. 

The purpose of the CO2-eq calculation tool is to provide WEEE Forum members a common methodology to calculate the environmental benefit of management of WEEE by WEEE systems in the WEEE Forum, expressed as avoided emissions of CO2-eq and energy savings.

The methodology developed gives support to PROs for:

  • evaluating the benefit of their activities;
  • allowing WEEE Forum members review their own methodology be comparing it to the one developed by the WEEE Forum;
  • providing an estimated value of the benefit of recycling WEEE that can be used for communication purposes (tonnes of CO2-eq emissions saved per tonne of WEEE treated).
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The tool is available for WEEE Forum members only.