The WEEE Forum exists first and foremost for its members and affiliates across the world and, alongside these members and affiliates, we keep abreast of relevant policy and legislation and industry issues. Where it is felt necessary, initiatives are undertaken to address those issues and express our views to represent the sector, usually in the form of representation to the relevant bodies - notably the European Commission - the production of papers highlighting issues and proposing solutions, or the bringing together of interested parties in conferences to debate a point. Such actions are gathered together loosely under the heading of 'Campaigns' and further information on these is provided in this section.

In addition, the WEEE Forum has at its core the desire to assist with driving the transformation to the circular economy in the electrical and electronic equipment sector and to contribute to practical, often government-funded, research and demonstrations that lead to a more comprehensive knowledge base and an improvement in the value chain. All the projects that we work on reflect this desire.

Operational working groups and task forces, all reporting into a six-monthly Operations Committee, a consultative body within the WEEE Forum, design the campaigns, operational services and tools, and co-ordinate projects.