Our Conditions of Membership

The WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. is an international association, welcoming organisations from any part of the world. The Articles of Association provide for two types of membership: Full Members and Associated Members. Full Members enjoy all membership rights, including voting rights at the General Assembly, while Associated Members have the rights specifically granted to them in the Articles of Association or the WEEE Forum Charter. These rights don’t not include voting rights at the General Assembly.

Full members

In order to be eligible for full membership, your organisation, apart from being constituted in accordance with the laws of your country of operations and having a legal personality, must fulfill the following criteria:

  • It organises and finances collection and/or logistics and/or treatment of WEEE, fulfilling producer responsibility on behalf of producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)
  • Is controlled, directly or indirectly through producer associations, by producers of EEE;
  • Does not pay out dividends (or equivalent) to its members or shareholders, unless the law of the state of the producers of EEE does not allow to incorporate legal entities with a non-profit purpose;
  • Is in compliance with WEEE or relevant extended producer responsibility legislation and its corresponding acts of transposition in force in the jurisdiction in which the member has its operations;

The full members commit to cooperating, in good faith, with the other members, to comply with the standards that have been approved by the General Assembly and to comply with the WEEE Forum Charter.

Associated Members

The category of Associated Membership is open to any legal entity fulfilling the full membership criteria except for the conditions related to compliance with the standards approved by the General Assembly and/or with the Charter, and those related to payment of dividends to its members and/or being an EPR organisation in a waste stream other than WEEE.

Membership fee

Each member pays an annual membership fee, as proposed by the Board and decided by the General Assembly. Each year, the General Assembly adopts the level of membership fees and the calculation method.

Application procedure

Candidate members should send their application to the Director General of the WEEE Forum. The Board, after having verified the organisation’s eligibility for membership, submits this application for admission to the General Assembly.


Members are free to resign from the Association before July 1st of each year, by giving written notice via special means of communication to the Board. The Board shall take note of the resignation

Twinnig initiative 

We also attract your attention to the Twinning initiative that is set to help emerging PROs to benefit from the know-how of existing systems.

Further information

The Director General will share more detailed information upon request.