Our Conditions of Membership

In order to comply with the conditions for membership, your organisation must be sector owned (through an association or similar) and representative, non-profit, involved in WEEE management and willing to sign up to the statutes and by-laws of the WEEE Forum and to participate in the collection and sharing of data. Membership is open to organisations throughout the world.

Membership fee
The WEEE Forum has an annual budget, proposed by the Board and approved by the General Assembly. All members contribute to the budget.

Application procedure
Candidate members should send their application to the Director General of the WEEE Forum. The General Assembly will invite the candidate member to present a corporate profile of his/her organisation. The Board decides on the application for membership.

Duties and rights of membership
Members are required to respect the statutes and by-laws of the WEEE Forum, pay the annual fee and work with the other members of the WEEE Forum in good faith. They can, at any time, voluntarily resign from the association providing they inform the Secretary General of their decision to resign by means of a registered letter and do so before the deadline each year. Upon resignation the member is under obligation to immediately pay all due sums of money and its membership subscription for the financial year in progress. The Board can propose to the General Assembly to exclude members from the association once the concerned parties have been heard. Exclusion is decided upon by the General Assembly on the basis of a majority of two thirds of the votes by the members present or represented. Resigning or excluded members and their legal successors (in the case of death) cannot exercise any rights over the association's property.

Associated members
Any legal person that is involved in the management of collection and/or logistics and/or treatment of WEEE and does not pay out dividends (or equivalent) to shareholders, in which producers (or their representative producer associations), which are operational in sectors other than those regulated by Directive 2002/96/EC (recast) and its corresponding acts of transposition, have a controlling share, or which has a registered office, or is operating, outside Europe and has expressed an interest in cooperation with the WEEE Forum or with its members, is eligible for the status of associated member.