Resources in the WEEE Forum toolbox

The resources we offer here have been built up over many years. These all address a sector need that the WEEE Forum has identified in partnership with its members or with external organisations and have been self-financed or, where a wider benefit is provided, have been financed using research funding from the European Union. A number of these are the result of one of our projects and campaigns that are detailed elsewhere on this site.

Each of the resources fulfils a particular need and most are centred round the provision of useful data on EEE and WEEE. They are tools that the WEEE Forum and partners use to improve their efficiency in collection and reporting, enhance the service they provide, and help them achieve WEEE recycling and recovery targets. The tools also help in the fight against illegal trade in WEEE and other non-compliant activity, and act as repositories for useful studies and research, with many also focussing on the drive towards a circular economy. More recently, we have introduced tools that help to improve global knowledge of WEEE as the WEEE Forum expands worldwide.