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Sources of information about e-waste

The LibraWEEE is a database of complementary studies and initiatives that focus on understanding the dynamics of the WEEE industry, illegal flows of WEEE, and also the actors concerned with the fight against organised crime. It is compiled from many sources including the Compliance & Risks knowledge platform C2P moreover from previous work undertaken by each of the CWIT project partners: CBRA, INTERPOL, UNICRI, United Nations University, WEEE Forum and Zanasi & Partners.

The LibraWEEE provides information on the dynamics of the WEEE industry, illegal flows of WEEE and the actors in the fight against organised crime.

The LibraWEEE is one of the outcomes of the EU funded project Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT). One of the key aims of the CWIT project was to produce a comprehensive overview of the WEEE industry and determine how the actors involved are combating illegal trade in WEEE. This required an extensive data collection and information gathering process which also drew on other work being undertaken on an international scale to target illegal trade in WEEE.

The WEEE Forum continues to maintain and update this unique database.