The Working Groups (WG) of the WEEE Forum are established for members and cover common themes across members. These form a fairly permanent structure and develop operational tools. WG CO2, for example, seeks to harmonise the methodologies to identify the CO2 savings associated with recycling and proper treatment; WG Scope developed a tool to assess the scope of legislation; WG Collection delivered a platform to compile examples of best collection practices and campaigns; and WG Communication allows members to share and build experience in communicating messages to stakeholders.

The thematic Task Forces in the WEEE Forum co-ordinate on issues of current concern and deliver punctual results.

At present, existing Task Forces and Working groups address topics such as:

  • Plastics arising from WEEE recycling and brominated flame retardants in plastics. Monitoring of upcoming legislation around persistent organic pollutants (POP);
  • Management of cathode ray tubes (CRT) in television sets and flat screens;
  • Scope of WEEE legislation;
  • Management and collection of photovoltaic panels;
  • Scavenging and measures to counter scavenging;
  • WEEE collected with mixed metal scrap;
  • Estimations of WEEE flows and statistics to monitor performance;
  • Collection practices to improve volumes and condition of WEEE;  
  • Standards on WEEE;
  • Environmental impact.

Working Groups and Task Forces are open to our members only.