On behalf of the WEEE Forum and its 40 member organisations, we wish you a happy and successful New Year.

This edition of Eye on WEEE draws attention to two upcoming WEEE Forum events, the deal on the WEEE recast negotiated by Council and Parliament, and the WEEELABEX project, the WEEE Forum's four-years project run in conjunction with stakeholders and co-financed by LIFE, the EU's financial instrument supporting environmental projects throughout Europe. WEEELABEX aims, on the one hand, at laying down a set of normative requirements (standards) with respect to collection, storage, handling, transport, preparing for re-use and treatment of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), and on the other, at creating a uniform set of conformity verification rules and procedures. For more information about WEEELABEX, please read the FAQ on the project website: https://www.weee-forum.org/weeelabexproject.

WEEE Forum London conference 2012

The 2012 WEEE Forum Conference will be held in London on September 20th and 21st. It begins with a WEEE Forum specific event on the afternoon of the 20th, an open conference starts the following morning. The event is perfectly timed: the recast WEEE Directive is agreed giving an ideal opportunity to learn from current best practice, tap into thought leaders and ensure that lawmakers maximise the opportunities presented by this rapidly growing industry as they move to transpose it into their laws. This conference is a platform for strategic and visionary leaders, seeking the best environmental and economic solutions for this growing stream to maximise sustainable consumption and employment. For more information, contact pascal.leroy@weee-forum.org or magdalena.charytanowicz@weee-forum.org.


WEEELABEX Testimonials

In the context of the 20th Anniversary of the LIFE programme, the WEEE Forum has scheduled a ‘WEEELABEX Testimonials’ day in Brussels on Monday 21 May 2012, in the afternoon. Innovative recyclers, WEEE producer responsibility organisations, producers and enforcement agencies will report how WEEELABEX is taking their business to the next level. Any interested person keen to learn how WEEELABEX will affect his/her business can attend the event, subject to registration with magdalena.charytanowicz@weee-forum.org. More information will be issued closer to the date. Contact: pascal.leroy@weee-forum.org.

Parliament and Council reach agreement on WEEE recast

Around Christmas last year, negotiators from Parliament and Council reached an agreement on the recast Directive. See https://www.weee-forum.org/news/ends-europe-daily-lawmakers-hammer-out-deal-on-weee-recast for a report by ENDS Europe Daily, one of Europe's leading environmental news services.

Language versions of WEEELABEX standards

Our colleagues in the WEEE Forum have completed the translation of the WEEELABEX normative requirements – the English version of which was adopted on April 1st 2011 by the WEEE Forum General Assembly – into German, Polish, Spanish, Italian and French. See: https://www.weee-forum.org/weeelabexproject. Contact: pascal.leroy@weee-forum.org.

Final year of the WEEELABEX project

2012 is the last year of the WEEELABEX project. Following the normative requirements (standards) agreed on in April 2011, we started discussions on the process and rules of conformity verification (audits), the role of the WEEELABEX Office, training of auditors, and so forth. More info in the forthcoming editions of Eye on WEEE. Contact: therese.shryane@weee-forum.org and pascal.leroy@weee-forum.org.