Twinning initiative

With worldwide e-waste levels continuing to rise by over 3% per annum, WEEE Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) are emerging across the globe, often ahead of the implementation of legislation in the countries in which they are based, and because of this they are not only helping to shape collection infrastructure and programmes in their countries but are also able to influence how e-waste legislation is put into practice. As a result, they are reaching out to the WEEE Forum to tap into the knowledge of its current members, which have huge experience in operating under European legislation that has been in place for almost twenty years.

Connecting with these organisations reflects the desire of the WEEE Forum to globally share e-waste experience and management best practice, and engage with actors in all parts of the world. It also emphasises the commitment of the growing global e-waste movement to ensuring that e-waste is collected and treated responsibly and in a manner that is not detrimental to the environment.

In order that these emerging PROs can benefit beyond the advantages of regular membership, the WEEE Forum has established a Twinning initative, which sees an experienced PRO in the WEEE Forum partnering with a new member to pass on its knowledge and expertise. This initiative is part of the WEEE Forum’s global Outreach programme, which has resulted so far in attracting members from six continents.

The purpose of the Twininng initiative is to assist emerging PROs to develop efficient, for-impact not for profit systems in their countries and, where applicable, help them to positively influence the development of associated legislation. In addition, Twinning enables them to contribute to the WEEE Forum as active members.

WEEE Forum Twinning Long List


In practice, Twinning means:

  • voluntary partnering of one or more PROs in the WEEE Forum with an emerging, newly created PRO in another country;
  • speeding up the learning process by providing technical/intellectual help and resources to the PROs in the emerging markets;
  • financial support, to assist the emerging PROs with the WEEE Forum membership fee in their early years;
  • potentially, exchange of personnel.

The WEEE Forum acts as the facilitator of these exchanges.

Current twins

How to benefit from twinning?

If you are considering becoming a member of the WEEE Forum via the Twinning initiative, please take a look on the benefits of being a member as well as the general membership conditions. If you think your PRO is eligible please contact Pascal Leroy , Director General of the WEEE Forum for more information.