The WEEE Forum family continues to grow

The WEEE Forum has started 2020 by welcoming four new members, two of which are from outside Europe as the organisation continues its global expansion.

The four new members are Cobat RAEE, Italy, Recyclia, Spain, Karo Sambhav, India and  EPRON, Nigeria.  Karo Sambhav and EPRON represent the WEEE Forum’s first African and Asian members and join a list of members from across Europe, North America and Australasia.

The expansion of the WEEE Forum beyond its established European base reflects the recognised problem that e-waste has become in all parts of the world. The desire of administrations and businesses across the planet to address the issue and provide a clean and safe route for e-waste collection and recycling is manifested in new legislation and new organisations that directly target e-waste.

Pascal Leroy, Director General of the WEEE Forum, says “There is an increasing global interest in e-waste and ensuring that e-waste is dealt with correctly by competent and qualified organisations.” He continues, “New laws are backing up this interest and the experience the WEEE Forum and its members have in delivering effective e-waste management in a challenging legislative and operating environment is invaluable to organisations that are becoming involved in the sector. This is why the WEEE Forum welcomes new members, why they are attracted to us and why we continue to be the world’s largest multi-national centre of competence for the management of e-waste.”

Cobat RAEE was founded in 2018 and represents 740 producers in Italy; it covers all e-waste categories. In its first year of operation it collected over 16.000 tonnes of WEEE. Further information.

Recyclia incorporates Ecoasimelec, Ecopilas, Ecolum, Ecofimatica and Tragamovil responsible respectively for the collection of WEEE, batteries, lighting, printing equipment and mobile phones. In 2018 Recyclia collected over 32.000 tonnes of e-waste. Further information.

Karo Sambhav is India’s leading Producer Responsibility Organisation and has 28 producer members. It is currently spread across 29 states, 3 union territories, and over 60 cities. Karo Sambhav has collected over 6.000 tonnes of WEEE since 2017. India is the fourth largest producer of e-waste globally. Further information.

EPRON was founded in 2018 and began operations in May 2019. It is the first Producer Responsibility Organisation for electronic waste in Nigeria and is a pioneer in the development of responsible e-waste treatment and Extended Producer Responsibility in Africa. Further information.



The WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. is an international association representing 51 producer responsibility organisations across the globe. Together with our members, we are at the forefront of turning the extended producer responsibility principle into an effective electronic waste management policy approach through our combined knowledge of the technical, business and operational aspects of collection, logistics, de-pollution, processing, preparing for reuse and reporting of e-waste. Our mission is to be the world’s foremost e-waste competence centre excelling in the implementation of the circularity principle.

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