E-waste hunt: emptying my junk drawer

Social media competition

This year’s edition of International E-waste Day focuses on the unused electronics, we all store in a drawer and forget: the old mobile phones, all types of cables that we think may come useful sometime, USB keys, card readers, game consoles and other electronic devices that are small enough to be stored in a drawer and kept out of sight.

With this competition we want to reverse this trend and show that disposing of all these unused gadgets is not as complicated as it seems and is a great step towards resources’ preservation and environment protection.

Hoarding 595

Send us a picture with your hoarded electronics drawer and show where you handed them over and try to win a train ticket to travel around Europe!

What’s in it for you?

Firstly, this is a good motivation to declutter your house and hand over your unused electronics for reuse, repair or recycling. E-waste is a mixture of easily recoverable materials (such as iron, copper or plastics) but it also contains harmful substances which need to be removed in a safe way. Electronics are also a rich source of critical raw materials which face now high supply risk. By recycling your old gadgets, you return these materials to the production cycle, help the environment and contribute to creating circular economy!

Secondly, the competition gives you the occasion to raise awareness around you when it comes to correct disposal of e-waste. Education is one of the keys to solving the e-waste challenge!

And finally, you will be able to win a 7 days European rail pass and travel in an eco-friendly way around Europe for up to one month!

What should I do to participate?

  1. Take a picture of your electronics junk drawer and post it on your social
    media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram or any other). Make sure
    the post is public and can be shared.
  2. Tag us with #ewastehunt, #junkdrawer #ewasteday.
  3. Check on the internet for the closest e-waste collection point and include
    this information in your post to show to your followers the practical steps you
    have taken to get rid of your e-waste. You can also explain why you did it.
  4. Hand the electronics over to the collection point that you have chosen.
  5. Fill in the competition entry form available below.

Detailed Terms and Conditions available here.

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Registration form:

Please include https:// or http:// in the URL

Please indicate the name of the collection point/address/ or any information the will help us identify the collection point