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The extent of the e-waste issue: 1.55 million trucks lined up on the Equator!

According to the latest UN’s General E-Waste Monitor, in 2022, 62 billion kg of e-waste were generated globally. This means 1.55 million trucks filled with e-waste lined up along the Earth's equator. The quantity of e-waste is expected to rise to 82 billion kg by 2030. Currently, the amount of e-waste is growing five times faster than formal recycling collection rates since 2010.
To help tackle this global problem, every year on October 14th, International E-Waste Day is celebrated. This awareness-raising event, initiated by the WEEE Forum and its members, aims to highlight the importance of the formal and responsible management of e-waste and the solutions available to each citizen within their community. Last year, 195 companies from 55 countries took part in the celebrations by organizing events, e-waste collections, social media, and press campaigns.

International E-Waste Day 2024: Join the E-Waste Hunt - Retrieve, Recycle, and Revive!

This year’s edition runs under the slogan “Join the e-waste hunt - retrieve, recycle, and revive!” focusing on the unused electronics that people store in their homes without realising these items contain valuable materials that could gain a new life. E-waste includes anything with a plug, cable, or battery, but the most often ‘forgotten’ items are small electronics: old mobile phones, cables, USB keys, card readers, game consoles, and other devices that are often kept out of sight in drawers.
This year's edition aims to inspire people to declutter their homes of unused or broken devices. By doing so, everyone can contribute to pollution reduction, resource conservation, and energy and CO2 savings.

What can I do?

If you represent a company:

  • Join the activities on October 14th: Any e-waste-related awareness-raising activities are welcome. This can include social media, TV, and radio campaigns, city or school e-waste collections, or even artistic performances. See the video of last year's activities for inspiration.
  • Register your organisation: All organisations sensitive to the issue of e-waste and willing to participate are invited to register here and become official participants, gaining visibility on the International E-Waste Day page.

If you are an individual:

  • Participate in the social media competition: send us a picture of your hoarded electronics drawer and show where you handed them over for a chance to win a train ticket to travel around Europe! Find more info here.