Waste collection systems assessed and good practices identified

The producer responsibility organisations (PRO) in the WEEE Forum continually benchmark their operations in order to maximise the cost-effectiveness of their business. COLLECTORS will allow the PRO to identify new opportunities for improvement from investigation of the very best practice in WEEE collection in Europe. They will be inspired further by understanding more about what happens in other waste streams, such as paper, packaging and that from construction and demolition activities.

COLLECTORS is a European-funded, Horizon 2020 project which aims to identify and highlight existing good practices of waste collection and sorting. It focuses on three waste streams: paper and packaging, WEEE, and construction and demolition waste (CDW)

The main objectives of the COLLECTORS project are to:

  • Harmonize and disclose available information on different waste collection systems;
  • Gain better insight into the overall performance of systems; and
  • Support decision-makers in shifting to better-performing systems via capacity-building and establishing implementation guidelines.

To reach this goal, COLLECTORS is working in three phases:

  1. Inventory: map, harmonize and disclose existing information on waste collection systems throughout Europe for packaging and paper waste, WEEE, and CDW. 
  2. Assessment: assess the overall performance of waste collection systems in different geographical areas., using life-cycle assessments and cost-benefit analyses.
  3. Implementation: stimulate successful implementation of better-performing waste collection systems by providing implementation guidelines for the collection of the three waste streams, which will include tailored instructions per type of location.