James Horne

Project Manager

James Horne is Project Manager of the WEEE Forum and has 21 years’ experience in environmental consultancy and environmental project management focussed on waste. He previously worked as project manager for Urban Mines, an environmental consultancy specialising in waste and recycling. Following this he established his own company, Horne Consulting, which offered waste consultancy services to the public and private sector.

James has worked for the WEEE Forum since 2015 and was Project Manager for the successful ProSUM project, which set up the Urban Mine Platform. He has also worked on the ORAMA, COLLECTORS, CEWASTE and C-SERVEES projects. He currently leads the FutuRaM project while also contributing to ECOSWEEE, CE-RISE, DiCE and GRINNER, focussing on project management, communication and dissemination as well as some more technical elements. He has an excellent knowledge of the mechanics of EU funding and reporting and takes responsibility for this element of projects on behalf of the WEEE Forum.

James also works centrally for the WEEE Forum on communications activities and project planning. He is a native English speaker.