Ecotrel asbl (non-profit association) has been founded on the 19th of February 2004 on the initiative of the GME (federation of importers of electrical materials) by 43 private companies representing the most important producers, importers and retailers. More than 675 members participate through individual membership agreements. Ecotrel has for mission to take over the obligations of producers or importers by:

  • registering them to the authorities
  • financing the take-back and treatment of WEEE
  • providing a guarantee for the take-back and treatment of future WEEE issued from appliances placed on the market after the 13th of August 2005

Collection system

Retailers have access free of charge to municipal parks for small quantities and to sorting centres for big quantities. Ecotrel services the following collection facilities:

  • municipal collection points: 27 municipal parks
  • retailers: submit to conditions
  • sorting centre: 2

Logistic and treatment partners

Ecotrel proceeds to a call of tender every 5 years. Logistic and treatment partners are called to offer a full service following the specifications of the voluntary agreement, CENELEC standards and other applicable regulations for all or a part of the territory of Luxembourg and for all or several collection categories of WEEE. Ecotrel proposes a cooperation agreement to professional collectors and social economy actors that are allowed to take back WEEE in Luxembourg and that prove that they work in the state of the art in compliance with the proximity principle. A list of all recognised actors is available on the website of Ecotrel.

Categories covered

LHHAfully covered
SHHAfully covered
IT&Tfully covered
CEfully covered
Lightingfully covered
Toolsfully covered
Toys/Leisure/Sportsfully covered
Medicalfully covered
M&Cfully covered
Autom. Disp.fully covered





System Manager:

Bernard Mottet


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The WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. is an international association speaking for 40 not-for-profit e-waste producer responsibility organisations (PROs). Our mission is to help the PROs succeed operationally, take back and report e-waste efficiently and be known as members of the world’s foremost e-waste competence centre and as promoters of a circular economy. We engage in the general debate on e-waste policy matters, in Europe and globally.

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