WEEE Malta is a not-for-profit waste compliance Scheme established in August 2015 by the Malta Chamber of Small & Medium Enterprises, GRTU. It manages Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) on behalf of Producers of EEE operating on the Maltese market.

Mission and objectives

WEEE Malta’s mission is to constantly improve the collection, treatment and recovery of WEEE in order to contribute to the sustainable development and meet producers’ legal obligation. WEEE Malta manages the collection of WEEE from collection points, including commercial entities and public civic amenity sites, their transportation to approved management facilities and foresee that the subsequent treatment phase is done with the best available technology and standards at the least of cost.

WEEE Malta’s objectives are:

  • to guarantee an effective and timely collection service to all registered producers putting EEE on the market and operating their own take-back system.
  • to constantly improve its operational and economic efficiency, by optimizing its logistics network and creating economies of scale.
  • to increase public awareness on WEEE recycling and environment protection

Categories covered

LHHAfully covered
SHHAfully covered
IT&Tfully covered
CEfully covered
Lightingfully covered
Toolsfully covered
Toys/Leisure/Sportsfully covered
Medicalfully covered
M&Cfully covered
Autom. Disp.fully covered


WEEE Malta



System Manager:

Joe Attard


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The WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. is an international association speaking for 40 not-for-profit e-waste producer responsibility organisations (PROs). Our mission is to help the PROs succeed operationally, take back and report e-waste efficiently and be known as members of the world’s foremost e-waste competence centre and as promoters of a circular economy. We engage in the general debate on e-waste policy matters, in Europe and globally.

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